We design for people to do their best.

We create order by strategically aligning your goals with smart design principles that make environments meaningful. Your workspace matters. From the walls to the desks to the invaluable people who sit behind them, it communicates your values and purpose. Furniture is what we happen to leave behind.

Our Philosophy

We believe office design begins not with a template or formula, but with a conversation. A discussion about your space and the specific needs of your organization. People need a workplace that fosters both creativity and collaboration. Actually, they crave it. They desire a place where real connection happens. And by understanding the challenges and goals of our customers, we help make room for more productivity and interaction.


"Working with Accent, we have built a solid, impressive cross-company team that tackles the daily challenges with professionalism and a positive attitude. Accent is a pleasure to work with and a true advocate for our company."

Dan, Semiconductor Industry

"Accent takes pride in consistently meeting and exceeding our standards and expectations. The service and personal attention is extraordinary. Excellent quality and service all the way around from start to finish."

Linda Pusz, Ellis Medicine

"We were so impressed with Accent"

Seth D. Rosenblum, The Rosenblum Companies

"On behalf of all of us at Fortitech, a note of appreciation to let you know how much your hard work and dedication meant to us."

Maria Battista, Fortitech Premixes